It has been great working as co-chair for the Minnesota Expo 2027 to help bring the first World’s Fair onto U.S. soil in over 40 years. Minnesota will be an excellent location to host international citizens and already has the necessary infrastructure for future development. The plan is that for 93 days in the summer of 2027, Bloomington and the Twin Cities will be home to various Expo events, including international pavilions, unveiling new technology, art, culture, science, and much more. 

Our proposed Expo site is 62 acres east of the Mall of America with an urban center, transportation networks and is near the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The City of Bloomington has also been an essential expo supporter and asset in identifying site options that fit temporary needs and long-term city and commercial developments. Our effort to bring the expo to the American Heartlands is made up of political, civic, and business leaders that see the value of assembling the world to have a meaningful conversation about the well-being of Earth through the “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” themed exposition. 

Health is central to every aspect of life. Without healthy humans and productive communities, there would be no avenue toward economic prosperity or a sustainable planet, and the ability to grow urban and rural life would be impossible. Our global interconnectedness and vulnerability are undeniable. Whether relating to climate change, pandemics, or other distressing events, these issues are of worldwide concern and impact people across cultures, barriers, and regions. 

Events like this are important to discover unique solutions as they bring together leaders to provide insight and action for our communities. The expo aims to generate engagement with governments, businesses, academia, and consumers to create impactful opportunities and resolutions for our communities and the world. It will showcase the latest technology and analyze success indicators such as food security and access to clean water in various strategies.

Bringing the expo to Minnesota will provide possibilities for public diplomacy, business, and political discourse that can achieve global health and sustainability goals. The exposition will focus on prevention, innovation, equalization, and collaboration through all-encompassing health evaluations of individual circumstances to public health infrastructure, preventative and acute health care – and beyond.


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