I am excited to work with my co-chair Marc Lore and the rest of the team for the Minnesota Expo 2027. The experience of leading the U.S. Delegation at Expo 2020 Dubai gave me great insight into the importance of these gatherings for American business interests and our global diplomatic relationships. I’m proud to join in and help reshape this campaign to host the first World’s Fair on American soil in nearly 40 years.

The theme of the Expo is “Healthy People, Healthy Planet,” and will be the first to focus on bringing together health and wellness issues and innovations from as many as 170 countries.
Well-being is more important now than ever before, and I’m happy to be part of the effort to bring this Specialized Expo to Minnesota. The goal is to generate engagement with governments, businesses, academia, and consumers to create impactful opportunities and solutions for our communities and the world.

I’m personally looking forward to showcasing the diversity, culture, and values of America through this Expo.

Let’s bring the world to the USA and Minnesota.


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