CRG, Clayco’s development arm, recently launched its second U.S. Logistics Fund to help build even more projects within the industrial sector. It’s exciting on many fronts, and it has raised over $100 million already with goals to raise $300 million more.

As more and more companies make the shift to e-commerce, they’ve been looking to build properties that are conveniently located and easily accessible to major metropolitan areas. CRG is actively working to meet the surge in demand, and the number of projects we’ve broken ground on speaks to the strength of the Cubes brand that we created with the help of my son, Shawn.

The fund is also groundbreaking in the ways it’s seeking out a more diversified group of investors. We’re aiming to have at least 10% of the money raised from women and people of color, so they can have a share in the investment process. We want to open even more doors for people to participate that weren’t able to before.

Hats off to Shawn and all of the team members at CRG who played such an important part in bringing this all together.


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