Juneteenth is an important time to reflect on the historic struggle so many people of color have undergone to secure freedom in America. I am honored to help underserved communities through Clayco’s Juneteenth Fund Advisory Committee – which donated six $25,000 grants to community-based nonprofit organizations at our second annual Juneteenth celebration.

Our committee works to combat the systemic issues that have affected communities of color for far too long. The grants were donated to organizations that are committed to raising awareness and advancing the causes of Black equality and inclusion. Their mission is the same as ours, to empower individuals and companies alike to support progressive values.

Since its establishment in 2020, the Juneteenth Fund has raised over $350,000. We aim to support education, awareness, and charitable causes that promote freedom, equity, and safety in our communities.

I look forward to participating in the continued innovative efforts toward building a safer, more inclusive world for all.


To donate to the Clayco Juneteenth Fund, click here.