Art Gensler was a true leader and a constant changemaker in the field of architecture, and his impact will never be forgotten. Over the years, our firms worked together on over 30 projects, and each one of them is a testament to Art’s unyielding commitment to create buildings that changed our lives for the better.

From first starting Gensler as a small business in San Francisco, to overseeing its growth into the largest architectural firm in the world, Art always believed strongly in putting people first in everything he did. He demonstrated that building a strong and dedicated team is so important to a firm’s success, and that collaboration and mutual respect come first in getting any job done right. Art maintained some of the highest standards of service in everything he did, and he harnessed the power of architecture to drive innovation, champion sustainable practices, and ultimately change how we think about the built environment around us.

We will always remember Art’s incredible legacy, and his generous spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of his friends, family, and loved ones. I offer my deepest condolences for his loss.