Labor Day is marked as the unofficial end of summer and a day to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It’s a holiday celebrating the ongoing strength of our country’s labor movement and the committed individuals who lead it. 

Generations of American workers built our country and started to clear the pathway toward progress and innovation for our society and world. Today, take a moment and show support for the incredible people who continue to build our nation’s future and positively impact our communities. 

 Let’s remember to think about the thousands upon thousands of hard-working laborers and tradesmen on our job sites. They are there all year long working through thick and thin – cold and hot temperatures, snow, and whatever it takes to butter all of our bread.  

I want to thank all of Clayco’s teams for going above and beyond in everything we do. I am increasingly proud of the achievements we have earned, the barriers we’ve broken, and the lives we change through our work. 

 Wishing everyone a fun, safe, and peaceful weekend.