It is one of my top priorities to make sure every person that comes through our doors at Clayco feels protected in more ways than one. At Clayco, our team is part of something special. It is essential that “we treat others the way we want to be treated.” It’s not words on a piece of paper – it’s everyday actions and movements and choices.

Our goal is to make everyone feel special and equal. For women, we are finding clear strategies to help team members overcome obstacles, many of which are unseen, to make their whole life better. At Clayco, we strive to take three steps forward for every one step back. There will always be steps backward, and it is something we must all fight against as a Clayco family.

Last week, women took a big hit from a frightening and heartbreaking step in the wrong direction in the courts. I heard from our team. It’s a tough subject. To be clear, I am NOT conflicted on the belief that the courts, the people of the USA, and the men and conservative women of the nation have NO right to determine what a woman can and cannot do with their life and their body. There are already so many roadblocks, prejudices, unfair biases, and generally a stacked deck that holds women back, this is an unacceptable slap in the face to achieving progress, equality, and equity. Plain and simple, we will support women’s healthcare choices and will also continue our commitment to a process that protects the privacy of every individual.

At Clayco, the diversity we steadfastly value and have created within the organization has proven to be one of our most potent powers to solve our clients’ most complicated problems.

Our secret sauce is NOT the “easy,” but the “hard” – and we will always do what is right even when it’s not popular.