Today’s launch of Blue Origin’s first crewed mission is a first on so many fronts, and it was really exciting to watch. It also signals that we’ve entered into a whole new era in space exploration and travel. The mission’s success is sure to open a lot of new doors for even more people to get to experience what was once unthinkable and unimaginable not too long ago.

From the start, I knew that Clayco’s work on the Blue Origin Engine Facility project would be so important to the manufacturing process of their rocket engines. Designed by Lamar Johnson Collaborative, Blue Origin’s Engine Plant in Huntsville, Alabama won Engineering News-Record’s Best Manufacturing Project in the Southeast for 2020. This facility manufactures seven of the LNG fueled BE-4 rocket engines that provide nearly 4 million pounds of thrust to Blue Origin’s New Glenn Rocket.

It makes me proud that we played a small part in furthering space exploration efforts to gather knowledge and change how everyone sees the universe. I want to congratulate all of the crew members who climbed aboard the New Shepard rocket on accomplishing an incredible milestone and making the journey of a lifetime.