Blue Origin just launched some stunning artwork painted by Amoako Boafo into space! Painted directly on the now-iconic New Shephard Rocket capsule, Boafo’s art is literally going to reach new heights in orbit, and it’s exciting to see his work used in such a unique way.

Thursday’s launch was a moon landing navigation experiment, and Boafo painted directly on three of the capsule’s parachute panels. The artwork includes a self-portrait, along with depictions of his mother and a friend’s mother, in order to communicate just how powerful the bonds of motherhood are.

Teju, 2019. Oil on Canvas. Gallerist: Mariane Ibrahim, Chicago.

I have some of Boafo’s own work in my art collection, and he creates stunning portraits filled with depth, meaning, and a sense of his chosen subjects’ self-determination and strength. He’s also represented by a great friend of mine, Mariane Ibrahim, through the Mariane Ibrahim Gallery in Chicago.

It’s amazing to see this great collaboration with one of Clayco’s clients and an artist who is a personal favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to see what Blue Origin and Boafo will accomplish next.