Libraries aren’t just quiet spots to read; they are vibrant places for people to gather and connect. I had the chance to tour the Clark Family Branch of the St. Louis County library system with Jane. The two-story, 74,000-square-foot development is coming along amazingly well!

St. Louis County Library’s original headquarters needed greater efficiencies and infrastructure to support the evolution of its patrons – so we decided to do something about it. The Clark family was humbled to donate $6 million to the new HQ and towards educational programming to further the library’s mission. Clayco’s partner company, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, is designing the modern and spacious building into a powerhouse destination for employees, students, families, and authors.

It’s a privilege to be involved in this exciting progress in a community so close to my heart. This development will help transform public libraries by investing in their limitless potential and creating places for diverse people and ideas to flourish. With plenty of accessible exterior space, artful design, and cultural initiatives that better serve neighborhoods, the Clark Family Branch will have something for everyone. 

I’m so proud to see the progress made on this project. This is a critical piece of infrastructure that will make a difference in the community daily. 

Let’s keep empowering future generations through inclusive initiatives and growth! 

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