Clayco is experiencing record-breaking growth, and so much of what we are doing has been concentrated on the West Coast, including states like Nevada and Arizona.

This area of the country is growing in almost every market sector, and it has emerged as a center of commerce, innovation, and exploration on so many fronts. We’re proud to announce that we are expanding Clayco’s presence with the opening of a new office in the Los Angeles area to support all of our western work.

We also see this expansion serving as a “talent center” to gather together the best minds in the industry for each of our key businesses. While Los Angeles has always been known as an epicenter of financial capital, it has also become a hub of intellectual creativity that is home to a highly-educated workforce, and we want to tap into this new talent pool and encourage them to join our team.

I’m also proud to welcome on board two new senior vice presidents, Rob Jernigan and Emery Molnar, that will be working at Clayco’s West Coast regional office. They will join with Executive Vice President Ryan McGuire and Vice President Roberto Valdes to help us build out and manage a great team in Culver City, Newport Beach, and Ontario. We will have a new way to work and gather post-pandemic and will share concepts on this soon.

A big part of Clayco’s success has been looking to the future and making plans to meet the current moment head-on. This has been our outlook since the start of our company in St. Louis and the Midwest region, and we plan to bring that same forward-thinking mindset to our new home on the West Coast. It speaks volumes about our team’s hard work that we are able to expand at such an uncertain time, and we are proud to still be pushing through despite all of the setbacks of the past year.

I’m currently visiting the region right now as part of my Ride the Wave tour, and after stopping at some of our amazing building sites out here, I can say that it’s time for us to go big and go all-in on our commitment to doing even more business on the West Coast.

I believe this marks the start of a great new chapter for our company, and I know that we’re going to make a big impact together.


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