Too late to “chicken” out now! Clayco is building a 330,000-square-foot processing facility for Tyson Foods in Danville, Virginia. This project will benefit our businesses and communities as our partnership and the structure evolves. 

The poultry plant will bring quality goods closer to consumers and boost Tyson Foods’ investments in this regional market – including their commitment to purchase 60 million pounds of Virginia-grown chicken over the next three years. 

Our team at Clayco partners with organizations that share our people-centered business vision, and Tyson Foods is a perfect example. Tyson’s Core Values are central to its efforts and the foundation for sustainability at the company. As the world’s leading processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork, it works to invest in people, products, and communities. 

The plant is being designed by Clayco’s integrated partner companies Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Concrete Strategies, along with Tucker Jones and Stock Engineering. Once completed, it will be used for producing high-quality Tyson-branded chicken products, including Any’tizer® Snacks and Chicken Nuggets. It will feature a mezzanine level, raw materials storage, production and packaging space, offices, and more. 

Clayco and Tyson value the people and neighborhoods where we operate and aim to invest in and advance them. The 64-acre site is set to be open for production by mid-September and will bring 400 jobs, revenue, and inspiration to the local community.

It’s great to be involved in a transformative project that positively impacts people – and tastebuds!

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