Safety is something I have always taken very seriously, and it has been one of our top priorities at Clayco since day one. There is no reason why all of our team members can’t remain safe and protected on any job site they work on. Each year, Construction Safety Week is a great opportunity for all of us in the industry to recommit to safety and draw attention to what more we can do to protect our people.

Clayco has always been a leader in the industry for job site safety that has set high standards for fellow companies, and we pride ourselves on keeping safety in mind with everything we do. We consistently maintain an outstanding EMR rating and are a proud member of the Region VII OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs that recognize employers for their effective safety and health management systems. And we even started our own Clayco Safe program to empower our employees on any job site to identify and correct hazards and at-risk behaviors, reinforce safety compliance, and execute the highest standard of safety procedures and practices.

I believe we have to continually improve on the safety measures we take to make our work sites even better for our team members. Safety Week reminds us to slow down, make a plan, and focus on how to do a project in a better and safer way. It’s something that is at the very foundation of Clayco, and as we celebrate everything we have done to become safer, we will continue to do even more to protect everyone we work with.