One of the most important decisions I have to make in my position is in hiring new team members. I’m looking for people who can see things through in terms of achieving goals and who are also the right fit within the company culture. Clayco is growing at a rate that is sustainable in order to ensure that each of our employees reach the level of ambition that they set for themselves. Therefore, when it comes to recruiting, I can’t just hire anyone who wants the position. I have to make certain I’m hiring the best person out there for the job.

The recruiting process

Recruiting is an important part of my job and that’s why I’ve always dedicated 25% of my time to recruiting talent. When I’m interviewing potential team members, I don’t just look at textbook experience. I dig deeper and ask the hard questions. My aim is to look at the person as a whole. Business, community, and personal life are intertwined and by looking at the other aspects of their life, I can get a pretty good indication for how they will perform as a Clayco team member.

Looking at impact

In general, I want to know what other things in their life they care about. Typically speaking, the people who are making an impact in their community are also really successful at Clayco. Without a doubt, these are the people I want on my team. What I see is a person who will care about the company and will make an impact in their job. My priorities tend to originate from things I truly care about. For instance, my current, top priority within the company is to get sustainability on the same level we are at with diversity, inclusion, and safety. It’s a big challenge for anyone but especially for a construction company. The fact of the matter is that I can’t do it alone. I not only need the best and the brightest on my team to achieve this goal, I need people who care deeply about making this a reality. 

Understanding the right fit

Hiring is undeniably a challenging part of any job–especially when you want to look beyond just experience. At Clayco, I want to hire the best in the business but also look for people who want to make a difference and who care about what they set their mind to achieve. Once you’ve asked the tough questions and can understand the kind of person who sits in front of you, making a decision as to if the person is the right fit on your team becomes a little less hard—because you will just know.