The topic of sustainability has never been more important than it is now. That’s why, at Clayco, we pledge to make sustainability a top priority.

If you asked me if Clayco is where it needs to be in terms of sustainability, my honest answer would be no. The hard truth is that no building company is where it needs to be regarding sustainability. Digging a little deeper into what can be done to achieve higher levels of sustainability needs to be investigated because, for now, we’ve just scratched the surface.

Growing in innovation

Increasing sustainability is twofold, both in the work we provide for our clients and in the processes and materials used in construction. 

What that means is that we thoroughly research the best methods, the newest technologies, and most viable ways of implementing steps towards becoming more sustainable. Investing in university research initiatives on sustainability is one step towards this goal. The Clayco Advanced Construction Materials Laboratory at Missouri University of Science and Technology researches new, innovative ways in construction materials and methods. 

Step by step, we are getting there. Clayco consistently gets ranked in the top Green builders in the United States thanks to our 100 LEED and 4 WELL accredited professionals who maximize every opportunity to build greener. The image above of Dominion Energy’s new office tower serves as an example of a certified LEED Gold project we’ve worked on. 

By tapping into our growth mindset here at Clayco, we are determined to get sustainability at the same level we are at with our other essential pillars, diversity & inclusion, and safety. Though we still have a lot of work to do, we are up to the challenge and will reach the highest standard before anyone else.