As a leader in the construction sector, many people often assume that the primary focus and end goal of my business is to just build more and more projects. But really, I find that it’s just as important for us to build a great company culture as we continue to grow and develop. Every company wants to expand its reach and do even more great work, but any efforts to increase your headcount always come with their share of challenges, especially when it comes to your company’s culture.

One study indicates that 94% of executives believe that a distinct workplace culture is important for success, and building one is easier said than done. To develop a strong company culture that promotes creativity, innovation, and respect, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking to add people to your team in order to grow your business. I want to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way, as well as things you can do to ensure that any new hires you bring on board won’t mess with your company’s well-crafted culture.

Hire for Impact

A company’s culture is only as good and strong as its foundation, and every single person you hire plays a part in building and protecting that foundation. When I hire, I only look for those people who want to make an impact. You need people who treat others with respect and go above and beyond to find ways to give back to their communities. They’re the ones who believe in the power of positivity, and who take it upon themselves to give back to others alongside pursuing their own goals. These are the team members who will not only protect your culture but add to it and help others excel as well.

Since culture is all about shared values, it only makes sense to hire those who are going to protect your own values as a leader. For me, that means only considering those who care about making a difference, and who work hard each day to reach their fullest potential.

Put People First

A recent study found that 80% of employees ranked their well-being as important or very important to their organization’s success, and it’s true. If you want to create a strong and resilient company culture, then nothing can come before your people. People are the backbone of your business and they’re also the ones who uphold and enhance your culture, and once you start prioritizing things other than the well-being of those doing the work for you, you’re in real trouble.

Your team members need to trust that you’ll stand up for them when necessary and give them new opportunities to thrive. They need to feel like they can speak up when something’s not working, and they need to know that their safety, independence, and talents are all being thought about, nurtured, and looked after. You also have to be ready to change your company’s culture when necessary. If something in your business isn’t going right, listen to your team members and put their needs before your own.

Follow the ‘Golden Rule’

I have always closely followed the Golden Rule to “treat others as you want to be treated.” This is also a cornerstone of creating a culture that welcomes everyone and treats each and every employee with respect.

If the Golden Rule is followed by everyone in the organization, so many challenges instantly become easier to overcome, because everyone will be acting out of a place of appreciation for the thoughts and opinions of others, no matter their rank or who they report to. It’s a basic principle, but one that can speak volumes about what your company values and how it cares for its culture.

Building a great company culture and growing its scope can be accomplished if you keep in mind that what’s really important is to grow at the rate that it’s sustainable to keep your best employees reaching the levels of ambition that they want to reach. If you stick to this kind of mindset, your company culture will undoubtedly grow and mature alongside your business and will be looked after by the team members who shape and care for it.