Hiring the best and the brightest in the business is one of the most important responsibilities that I dedicate my time to. At Clayco, we want people to be themselves while also fitting into the company culture that we’ve cultivated. And when it comes to recruiting, we don’t just hire anyone – we don’t want people who want to sit on the bench and not reach their full potential. Being selective throughout the hiring process is important, and I want to share some of the strategies that have helped us recruit some of the best workers in the industry.

Developing Recruiting Strategies 

Recruiting is an essential part of my job; that’s why I’ve always dedicated 25% of my time to recruiting the best talent. 

One way that I used to recruit the best onto my team was by drawing my competitors’ organizational charts with a sharpie marker on my drywall. This was a visual method for me to see who was doing what and where they were. This served as a starting point for headhunting the best workers for our company.

I also make it a habit to ask around to find the best talent. Whenever I’m with a client, subcontractor, or supplier, I ask them who’s the best person that you’re working with that’s not at Clayco right now. Knowing their thoughts gives me an edge in building my team with the most competent and capable people. 

Once I have gathered all of this information about someone’s skills, I take the time to get to know the person beyond who they are at work. 

Looking at Impact

When I’m interviewing potential team members, I don’t just look at their experiencebut the person as a whole. Business, community, and personal life are all intertwined. By looking at other points of their lives, I have a pretty good indication of how they will perform as a Clayco team member.

At Clayco, I aim to hire people who will contribute to our mission of making an impact. People who are making an impact in their communities are also generally very successful at Clayco. I always ask potential candidates what they’re doing to give back to others, and also what else they care about outside of work. We want people who want to make a difference.

Understanding if it’s the Right Fit

In an interview, small details can make a big difference. If a person has a good sense of humor or can laugh during an interview, it usually makes the conversation naturally more enjoyable. Doing research and discovering my thoughts on working from home versus the office, or what Clayco stands for, are all small details that can go a long way. 

One of the most important things to know about our hiring process at Clayco is that we’re not growing our company just to grow; we’re growing at a sustainable rate to keep our key employees reaching the levels of ambition they strive for. Hiring for the best and brightest means that you’re going to be looking at people from diverse backgrounds, people who truly are themselves at work, and people who really want to make an impact every day. Sticking to this strategy has not only strengthened our company and made it a great place to work, but also has enabled us to hold onto some of the most dedicated and hardworking employees that you’ll find anywhere.