Evolving business landscapes require innovative partnerships that push companies beyond their limits and foster growth across communities. Clayco and Samsung’s collaboration is doing just that, bringing forth new possibilities with dynamic projects in Taylor, Texas.

Samsung’s mission is to devote its team and technology to creating superior products and services. We at Clayco are helping Samsung achieve this with projects that contribute to an improved global society. 

Clayco was selected as the contractor on a 632,000-square-foot pre-cast parking garage. We are working with architect Jacobs, who shares our team’s diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, to create the seven-story structure on Samsung’s semiconductor site. The building will feature electrical, solar array, communications, storage, and fire riser support rooms. 

As you can imagine, one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices requires a lot of warehouse space – which is where Clayco’s second project comes in. Samsung selected Clayco to construct the next phase of its warehouse project, which includes 200,000 square feet to support chemical warehousing, hazardous material storage, waste segregation, innovation, and emergency service operations. 

Working together, our teams can help bring the vision of Samsung to life and inspire the world by providing high-quality space to share technologies, products, and designs that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity. 

Let’s continue to channel our teamwork into building the foundations for the communities of tomorrow!