Clayco consistently delivers a fusion of high-performance projects with innovative solutions. Ranking Top 8 for Telecommunications & Data Centers by Engineering News Record, we bring visions to life and create inspired projects that achieve client goals and transform communities. 

Our team is working to meet a growing societal need by expanding our mission-critical projects to support an evolving global landscape. We currently have 947.5 megawatts (MW) of data center density underway to sustain society’s increasing dependence on technology and remain frontrunners in the data race. 

We are keeping up with the need for improved data performance facilities with developments across America, including two 36-megawatt (MW) data centers in Arizona, the Equinix CH3 facility in Illinois, a data center in central Ohio, and others in Georgia, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, and beyond. 

Clayco’s 30+ year mission-critical portfolio demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality projects with an exceptional in-house team. Our best-in-class financial planners, designers, engineers, programmers, and builders work with clients to yield maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Collaboration with the Clayco brand family strengthens the entire design-build process.

Our national multi-phase build-out of large-capacity data centers is a necessity that supports a growing demand. Clayco prioritizes design, quality, collaboration, and construction for every project and stays at the forefront of market trends to best serve our clients and communities. 

Technology may change, but Clayco’s dedication to advancing our neighborhoods and nation remains the same.