The Fulton Market District in Chicago continues to develop into a hub of innovation, with various projects and top corporations making it their home. Clayco’s partner company, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, helped create a space for Cresa Chicago’s global headquarters, the world’s largest occupier-only commercial real estate firm.

Cresa works to find and foster the best environment for every business. Like Clayco and LJC, Cresa is committed to societal change and recognizes that our current workforce does not have the diversity and equity it should. Cresa aims to change that via its formal Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging program that supports and celebrates the many voices of its employees and facilitates opportunities for even more.

The addition of Cresa’s offices to this dynamic neighborhood is also an important symbol that the world is transitioning from remote work back to the office – proving that the hard work and innovation that comes from collaborating in person is second to none. Cresa’s office showcases real-life examples of today’s workplace and how these facilities play a critical role in productivity, recruitment, and retention.

Congratulations to LJC and its collaborators, Cresa, Power Construction, and Corporate Concepts, Inc, for demonstrating alternate work styles for a post-pandemic office while highlighting the Cresa brand. The building’s blend of work and hospitality provides the comforts of home with traditional workspaces, allowing flexibility and privacy to transform how people view offices.

Cresa’s HQ will be an integral part of the Fulton Market community and show a new way of working for the future.

Learn more about Cresa Chicago HQ here.