Clayco works to continually improve our safety measures and enhance work sites for our team members and everyone we work with. Regardless of what industry you work in, ensuring the safety of everyone who walks across a company job site, into an office building, or out of any of its doors is protected to the highest possible level is extremely important. Especially in the construction sector, which houses 12 of the 25 most dangerous jobs (according to a report by AdvisorSmith), it is imperative to implement high safety standards.

Since the beginning, our vision at Clayco has been to pioneer our industry and facilitate zero injuries across our workplaces – and we hold the same standards for the organizations we collaborate with. Concrete Strategies is a partner company of Clayco and upholds our values of implementing a culture of safety that is continuously adapted to best meet the needs of our team. It provides great safety techniques for any workplace, including hosting daily safety meetings covering previous concerns and plans, creating a safety culture where workers can bring attention to hazards, allowing stop-work authority in unsafe conditions, and more. Investing in resources and training for field leaders, foremen, and supervisors can help individuals develop various crucial skills that place them in the best position to lead, with improved communication and guidance. 

Our team at Clayco has done a lot of work over the years to ensure that we construct the safest workplace and communities possible. Beyond the walls we build, we care for the people who compose our diverse neighborhoods. We actively operate to support underserved demographics and advocate for their safety, including during unprecedented events like the COVID-19 pandemic. We followed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health authorities, practiced social distancing, desk spacing, masking, and rotated employees in and out of remote work. 

Not only do we prioritize physical safety at Clayco, but we have also ensured to cater to our team and community’s psychological safety. Regardless of race, gender, religion, or any difference in background or lifestyle, our  “safety net” extends over every single employee, subcontractor, and client relationship to create a safe place for each person in every aspect of our work. Whether the job is in the field or the office, it is always so important that it has to be done safely. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed creative ideas and an extensive vaccination policy to encourage our team to get vaccinated, with the exception of medical or religious reasons. We were also honored to work with Pfizer on its research and development facility in Chesterfield, Missouri, where the building blocks of the vaccine were created and even played a small part in getting it ready for widespread use and approval. Clayco has always been a leader in the industry for job site safety that has set high standards for fellow companies, and we pride ourselves on upholding that with everything we do. 

By working with companies that hold similar values and continually focusing on and discussing how to develop projects better and safer, we can create more inclusive, secure, and sustainable workplaces for our teams, guests, and the future. Together, we can overcome any challenges ahead of us and keep one another safe.

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