When I look back at how Clayco grew into what it is today, I can clearly see that downturns have helped fuel a lot of our progress as a company. During the last Great Recession, we chose to bring on board a tremendous amount of talent while others were tightening their belts. And now, during one of the most unusual downturns any of us have experienced, we’re seeing some great new opportunities on the horizon.

We recently announced that we’re opening up a West Coast regional office to better serve our clients that are located in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona, which are also places where we have a total combined project backlog of more than $2 billion.

A big reason why we’re doing this now is that we were waiting for the right opportunity to make the move. We didn’t know it would be a worldwide pandemic that would open this door for us, but it created an interesting market for an opportunity, and we just wouldn’t have been able to hire the same level of West Coast talent had it not shaken things up.

The crisis also grew our business significantly in the e-commerce space, and it only makes sense that we follow this trend that is sure to impact distribution centers, data centers, and a move towards more localized manufacturing and warehousing in the West.

I’ve always thought that you have to take advantage of challenges that come up to build your business back better than it was before, and my philosophy has always been that you’re either on a spiral up or you’re on a spiral down, and there is no status quo. It’s up to you to make it work and always find the silver lining and hidden opportunities in unpredictable situations.