Our team at Clayco is dedicated to building meaningful change from the ground up in everything that we do – both in and outside the office. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values we hold to the highest level of priority. We work to proactively transform our industry and community with innovative programs and initiatives, one of which is our Clayco Network of Women (NOW). 

Clayco NOW is a resource group that aims to increase female leadership throughout the design, construction, and real estate development industry. It fosters equity and connection by investing in women to develop and transform our company culture and beyond. Clayco NOW facilitates equitable opportunities and relationships through workforce development and initiatives. It also helps hold us accountable by employing a fair and inclusive bid solicitation process for all our partners, minority youth mentorships, charitable foundation, and community engagement.

To provide equal opportunity for all, Clayco NOW hosts various events to raise awareness and create connections. The group hosted job site tours of our Skye on 6th project in downtown Phoenix and the Siteman Cancer Center project in St. Louis that brought women together to see firsthand how our incredible and diverse team is transforming skylines.  

On Women’s Equality Day in 2022, Clayco NOW moderated a panel discussion to cover topics focused on women and opportunities, where over 320 people from our Clayco enterprise tuned in. We also hosted our second annual Bring a Girl to Clayco day to bring more gender diversity to our male-dominated field. The daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and cousins of our team were invited to learn and explore career prospects as they toured our offices and watched interactive presentations from each department.

To build an inclusive society, it has to start from within, which is why Clayco is committed to supporting and advancing strong, talented women who make up our workforce and world. Our company strives for accurate representation and for women and young girls to see female role models, recognize their potential, and have the tools to succeed.

We sent out a questionnaire to some of the women in our enterprise to learn more about their experiences and what we could do to improve company culture and spotlight their roles and successes. Robyn Artis, Design and Construction Integrator at Clayco, has been in the industry for 23 years and gave a bit of advice to other women in the sector: 

“Be brave enough to not only ask for the seat but to take the seat – then take action. Speak up. Be confident. Find a mentor. Take every opportunity you can to advance AND KEEP LEARNING,” Artis said.

Our team will continue to do all it can to make our industry and communities a more diverse and welcoming place for women and people of all backgrounds and walks of life. 

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