Though I don’t often read fiction, lately I’ve been reading a great story that offers a lot for readers to think about in terms of climate change. A Tree for Antarctica by V.J. Michaux is a powerful story that shares some of the potential future consequences of the ways we’re impacting our planet and can also serve as a call to action for us to do more to prevent the devastating effects of climate change. It’s a gripping read, and it’s a unique blend of storytelling, research, and good writing.

Set in the future in the year 2295, Dal Riley is the main character in the book, and he has a role as a climate rescue pilot who is about to marry his fiancee Ana. He accepts a secret mission from an old man to save Antarctica from exploitation and potentially dangerous levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Dal and his team confront a lot of challenges in the attempts to carry out this task, such as villainous Black Coats and other unforeseen disasters that put their lives in danger.

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While it’s definitely a gripping narrative with a lot of plot twists and turns, what interested me most about the book is how it offers a glimpse into the potential future of our planet if we don’t do more to combat the devastating effects of climate change. It’s a very real threat that we’re only just starting to see the impacts on our environment, and it is a book that reminds readers that we all play a part in this story. The more we focus on the potential future we’re leaving behind, the more we can make climate action a priority for the next generation.

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