An elegant new mixed-use space is coming to California! 

Clayco is working with WHY Architects and Architects Orange to transform 609,000 square feet in the Culver City community. This project is converting a triangular site into a mixed-use space with significant public access to create lasting connections between people, cultures, and places in various ways. Modern retail and restaurants, multi-family housing, as well as a publicly accessible park, plaza, paseo, and courtyard space will improve the look and functionality of the property. 

Our team appreciates clients like The John Buck Company (JBC), which has forged a powerful legacy by continually building what’s next. We are collaborating to reimagine workspaces, living environments, and skylines by prioritizing the people we impact. 11111 Jefferson is the next significant step in our efforts, as the project will provide much-needed mixed-income and multi-family housing. 

This development will offer neighborhood-serving retail, cafes, groceries, and offices to meet the local community’s needs. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for residents. Like Clayco, JBC understands that we generate enduring value in our projects by deriving them from enduring values. We believe in the power of making a sustainable impact “Beyond These Walls” by investing in the people and often underserved groups that enjoy our spaces. 

11111 Jefferson is a great example of how, when we work with businesses that share our mission of innovation, we can positively impact and improve communities nationwide. 

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