At Clayco, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate our build processes. A big part of this is seeking out partnerships and collaborators that will help us do our best work, and we’ve been actively looking into the ways that the drone industry could complement our own.

One of the solution providers we’ve worked with on this front is Skycatch, and our good collaborative relationship with them was important to successfully gain FAA approval to fly the first drones over a construction site. We also worked with them to develop and analyze 3D scans of sites so we can compare them to the original model and plans, which has opened a lot of doors in modernizing our process.

We’re also actively collaborating with different companies that are focused on machine learning, AI, and edge computing and are seeking to integrate these technologies more fully into our job sites. It’s not only enhancing our business but helping us deliver even better outcomes for our clients.

Tomislav Žigo, Clayco’s Chief Technology Officer and Vice President have been a leader in building these kinds of partnerships. You can read more about his thoughts on partnering with technology companies in this feature from Inside Unmanned Systems.

Clayco is actively ramping up our drone use, and you can find out more about how we’re applying this new technology in this article.