World-renowned English architect, designer, and founder of Heatherwick studio, Thomas Heatherwick, is coming to Chicago! 

The Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) is hosting a panel discussion for the U.S. launch of Thomas’ book “Humanize: A Maker’s Guide to Designing Cities” on November 8th. It will be an insightful conversation about contemporary building design and how the spaces we develop can spark inspiration or leave us devoid of it – which I am happy to be a part of! 

I will join Thomas and other civic leaders, including Eleanor Esser Gorski, the CEO of Chicago Architecture Center, and my friend and Founder & CEO of SHAPACK, Jeff Shapack, to highlight how designers and builders can infuse more beauty across communities. Heatherwick Studio is presenting the program in association with Clayco, Shapack Partners, and the Chicago Architecture Center. 

Thomas’ book explores how innovative partnerships can bring more magnificence and humanity to the construction world and is an incredibly insightful blueprint for connecting with modern society. When cultivating environments for people to connect and thrive, bringing more individuality to every part of its creation is crucial. 

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on this panel and hearing ideas from my colleagues and others about local opportunities and how we can transform the Chicagoland area. 

I hope to see you there for an evening of great conversation! 

Register here.