Summer really flew by this year because we never stopped working at Clayco and were busy throughout the entire season. However, Labor Day is an important time for all of us to pause and recognize the hard work, commitment, and service of our team members and generations of American workers and tradespeople who built our country and continue to shape its future.

In addition to marking the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day encourages us to show our appreciation and support for the hard work of those who get up each and every day to make an impact. It’s a holiday that celebrates the strength of our country’s labor movement and especially the men and women in the construction sector who fortify the foundation of our communities for all of us.

I want to thank all of Clayco’s teams for always stepping up to the plate to go above and beyond in everything we do. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend and is ready to get back to work next week so we can continue doing what we do best.