I recently sat down with Julie Hyman and Brad Smith of Yahoo Finance to discuss the state of the office and other crucial sectors driven by Bidenomics. The market has taken a significant hit from many people still working from home, leaving offices in urban cores with soaring vacancy rates and the national average reaching 17.1%

America is experiencing a tale of two economies. Although the multifamily and office industries are confronting a negative cycle, the big story for the nation’s economy will be the almost $1 trillion worth of projects in advanced manufacturing. 

While the situation will eventually correct itself as more people return to the office and find alternate uses for existing space, more investment, attention, and optimism should be paid to industrial construction. In the next decade, our economy will transform with CHIPs, the cloud, and various new technologies, projects, and developments. 

I’m eager to see how Bidenomics brings prosperity to the U.S. and beyond! 

Watch and listen to our full conversation here.