I am delighted to announce the appointment of our Clayco family’s new Chief Talent Officer, Katie Lane

Katie is a great addition to our team. She has valuable expertise driving talent results from her former role at Dale Carnegie, where she created and maintained customized learning and development solutions for large clients. Katie’s organizational effectiveness helped her successfully expand the regional footprint of the office and lead a team of almost 24 people. 

As the official “culture-keeper” of Clayco, Katie will collaborate with our Chief Operating Officer, Steve Sieckhaus, regarding talent acquisition, member development, retention initiatives, and more. Katie’s years of experience in personal development, training, and education programs, along with her passion for people, will complement our already strong team. Her comprehensive background will help develop innovative management strategies and continue to foster a culture of excellence across our organization. 

Clayco makes cultivating diverse and inclusive communities a top focus, and Katie’s aligned vision and values will enable her to facilitate a transformative high-performance environment. Although she takes on significant responsibility, I have no doubt she will excel in her role with her savvy paired with the support of myself and our entire team.

Katie will be instrumental in attracting top talent, nurturing our existing team members, and ensuring our company remains the optimal destination for professionals seeking growth opportunities.

I look forward to seeing Katie’s pivotal role in shaping Clayco’s future.

Welcome to the team, Katie!

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