It’s our last chance to prove why it’s Minnesota’s time to shine and host the 2027 World’s Fair! 

I have been honored to serve as co-chair of the Minnesota USA Expo bid committee, which has done a great job advocating for Bloomington to host the “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” specialized exposition. Minnesota bid committee members, civic leaders, the U.S. State Department, and allies were recently in Paris for the last meeting of candidate countries before the Bureau International des Expositions delegates’ final vote. 

To win the bid, our committee must convince as many of the 140 to 160 representatives of other countries as possible to rank Minnesota at the top of their ballots on June 21st. I had the opportunity to help present the committee’s bid to the General Assembly of the BIE in Paris last fall and explain why the American Heartlands are the perfect place to showcase this innovative event. 

Our proposed Expo site is 62 acres east of the Mall of America with an urban center, extensive transportation networks, and near the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. It already has the necessary infrastructure for future development, and the city of Bloomington has been an asset in identifying site options that fit temporary needs and long-term city and commercial developments.

The outlook for Minnesota’s bid looks promising. According to Axios, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar has met with representatives from other voting nations and is calling “dozens” more. Senior Advisor for Minnesota USA Expo Ted Johnson also said the U.S. committee already has a “solid block of votes.” 

I have enjoyed working with various top-notch professionals and participating in this incredible effort to bring the first World’s Fair to U.S. soil in over 40 years. I hope to see everyone guided to Minnesota for this transformative exposition in the near future.

As always – Go, Team USA! 

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