I had a great conversation with Scott Arias, President of ACE Consulting Company, LLC, on the CONEXEC podcast which offers a global leadership platform for construction executives. The series has interviews with executives worldwide on a variety of topics, from current events in the construction industry to overcoming challenges, reaching success, and more. 

I talked about growing up in Bridgerton, Missouri, and how my fascination with the art and strategy of construction led me – a college dropout – to found Clayco. The journey to becoming all that it is now has been a long and winding road, filled with different phases, focuses, and the ultimate understanding that what happens within the walls we build will always be far more important than the bricks and mortar. 

Scott and I also discussed some of Clayco’s recent projects and accomplishments and I even participated in a speed round that rated the different phases of the construction process. (When you listen, make sure to play along and rate with me!)

Creating this life and business has always been my passion, as my life has always been about being a builder. It’s interesting to consider how design-build connects humanity back to the very beginning of our societies – to the great cathedrals, coliseums, and everything else constructed thousands of years ago that still speaks to us through history and in patterns and replications present day. 

Check out the podcast to hear more about the exhilarating ups and downs of my youth, building a business, and starting a family.

Listen to the full episode here.