Blue Origin successfully completed its sixth human spaceflight and the 22nd flight for the New Shepard program. The astronaut crew included: Coby Cotton, Mário Ferreira, Vanessa O’Brien, Clint Kelly III, Sara Sabry, and Steve Young. 

It was exciting to see it LIVE!

Bob Smith, ​​the CEO of Blue Origin – a company that builds reusable launch vehicles, modern powerful rocket engines, and more – has teams working to increase human access to space in a more sustainable way. New Shepard is an automated and reusable rocket-capsule combo that launched passengers into the last frontier. The crew on board was able to experience weightlessness and see the curve of the planet before returning to Earth. 

It is incredible to witness the accomplishments that humanity is able to make and the endless possibilities of people being able to visit, live, and work in space. Clayco is proud to have helped support this mission through our many design and build projects including the Blue Origin Engine Facility, which houses the tooling, equipment, and operations needed to manufacture Blue Origin’s next-generation rocket engines. It’s amazing to be able to say that Clayco has played a small part in space exploration and working to benefit the Earth and humanity. 

Congratulations to all of the crew members who accomplished a significant milestone while making the journey of a lifetime.

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