This award celebrates life and humanity, and those who, without hesitation, impact society in a positive and meaningful way.


Minority young adults enacting change in their communities, organizations, and the country. From grassroots leaders to gifted students. 

More than just academic achievement, they are the individuals who create change.


The everyday Hero making a difference through acts of service, bravery, or innovation.

Inspirational community members who give back, even when faced with insurmountable challenges.




Open to all organizations, programs, initiatives and community projects assisting children and young people.

From small-town feeding schemes to cross-country education solutions and tech.


Guided by Bob Clark’s mission to go “Beyond These Walls” and build stronger cities and communities for all people, the Bob Clark Beyond Award recognizes and celebrates the outstanding leadership and impact of individuals and organizations who are driven to make a positive difference.


Focused on three distinct categories, including Heroes, Future Leaders, and Children and Youth, the Beyond Award acknowledges much more than just great achievements and is bestowed on those who use their talents, creativity, and compassion to uplift others and make a meaningful impact on the world around them.

It’s also an investment in the growth and future of those who selflessly help others while also honoring their acts of courage, kindness, and humanity.

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