Mauricio Ramirez is the muralist behind the stunning artwork that adorns the exterior wall of the A.M. 1980 Residences in the urban Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Located less than 500 feet from the Western CTA mass transit station, the artwork not only is widely-seen by thousands of commuters each day, but also reflects the distinct character and history of the surrounding community.

Ramirez’s goal with the design was to foster a dialogue with people in the community by connecting them with a local cultural icon of the Logan Square Eagle. By taking this symbol of the neighborhood and including it in the mural, Ramirez reflected its vibrancy and meaning while showing it in a new and modern light.

The A.M. 1980 mural heightened the overall image of the project and also communicates that the new community of tenants is proudly tied to the neighborhood they call home. It ultimately brought a whole new element to the building while grounding it in the community’s lasting story.