Josef Kristofoletti is an internationally working mural artist whose towering murals are distinct in their use of vibrant colors, geometric shapes and patterns, and their large scope that covers the entire sides and exteriors of buildings. He considers his work as existing at the intersection of painting, architecture, and public space, and their captivating appeal draws the viewer in.

Kristofoletti is an artist who always takes into account the specific site his work will be displayed, making it large scale and wholly unique to its location and placement in the world around it. His murals also involve a human element, encouraging an interaction between everyday people and their environment.

As a finalist for the Broadway Chapter Mural Commission, Kristofoletti was one of the top contenders to produce a mural for the Broadway Chapter project in Fort Worth, Texas. Along with 4 others, he reflects the talent and dedication of the artists we collaborate with on these stunning works of art.