Christin Apodaca is an illustrator and muralist living and working in El Paso, Texas. She draws inspiration from nature and the different ways it relates to our surroundings, and she primarily works using line drawings to depict native plants, animals, insects, and humans. By blending these different subjects together into surreal, dreamlike compositions, Apodaca’s murals are both memorable and captivating.

Christin Apodaca has created more than fifteen murals throughout the El Paso community, and she believes strongly in creating values and textures that can sometimes take precedence over the use of color. It’s a unique technique that allows for color to be imagined by the viewer themselves, and creates a symbiotic relationship between the person and the art.

Christin was a finalist for the Broadway Chapter Mural Commission, and together with 4 other contenders, she was selected from 84 other applicants, and it’s easy to see how her work stands out among fellow artists.