If it wasn’t so scary, the book The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir would be a good read as a novel about what leads the world into chaos and even the darkest of war scenarios. It’s an authentic memoir, not a novel. This is an intriguing book I recently read that offered exclusive insights into the workings of the White House.

Written by former President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, his integral title related to U.S. safety gave him insider information and access to the Administration’s affairs. He spent many of his 453 days working right in the room where everything happened (and the facts speak for themselves). Die-hard fans of Bolton’s former boss quickly try to ignore or discredit him, as Fox News seems to forget that he was a daring foreign policy hawk for a long time before his tenure with the former president.

Bolton is known to be an extensive notetaker and this is reflected in his unparalleled insight into the inner workings of critical structures in America’s foundation. He gives the most substantial account of the Trump Administration – and one of the few written by a top-level official.

Although Bolton gives almost daily accounts of his interactions with the President, he initially tells readers that he cannot offer a comprehensive theory of the Trump Administration’s transformation – because none is possible. He notes that while Trump was always bizarre, he was hesitant to make any significant changes for his first 15 months in office because he was held in check by an “axis of adults.” However, as comfortability set in, he became more certain of himself, the adults departed, and he was surrounded only by “yes men.”

Even if many other people or I don’t agree with Bolton, it’s hard not to appreciate his vivid understanding of how each major nation has rewards and risks related to U.S. national security interests and how many of them interact with each other and our policies. It’s insightful.

This behind-the-scenes look into the White House makes for a worthwhile and eye-opening read.

With John Bolton, Former National Security Advisor of the United States.