At Clayco, our culture is focused on going beyond our walls to invest in the individuals on our team and the communities we impact. The White House announced Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, which was the perfect time to recognize the incredible women that make up our societies and deserve equity, respect, and inclusion. 

To commemorate this day, I had the amazing opportunity to discuss topics that focused on women and opportunities at Clayco with Clayco NOW (Network of Women) in a Moderated Panel Discussion with over 320 people. There were a lot of great takeaways from the panel, such as the importance of staying committed to goals and achieving them through effective plans. Netta Jenkins, a Global Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, was also a featured guest speaker and shared her experience and knowledge on the importance of DEI initiatives and innovation. Our panel speakers also spoke about the importance of having a voice, asking for what you want, and supporting others along the way.

Helping women break barriers both inside and outside of our industry is crucial to building a safe and productive environment. It also facilitates innovative solutions through different perspectives and experiences. Clayco will continue to do its part in making the construction sector more diverse and representative of our society. We want to encourage women to build relationships of trust within our organization and to continue to collaborate towards excellence.

A big thanks to all of the enterprise speakers and guests who joined, including CRG’s Jen Nichols, LJC’s Sarah Jacobson, and Clayco’s Cassandra Wall, Amy Hawkins, and Kevin McKenna. 

Today and every day is a good day to advocate for women everywhere!