Illumination 2023: Underwater was a tremendous success last weekend! Since it started, Illumination has been one of my favorite events to advocate for and attend. It was an unforgettable night filled with musical performances, a laser light show, glowing artwork, food, and great friends. 

Most importantly, the 1200 people who joined us at Vertiport Chicago raised $1.1 million to cast a light on rare diseases and support the search to cure RVCL. This has personally impacted me, as my late wife Ellen was diagnosed with RVCL in 2005. 

I recognize the importance of getting involved in the efforts to advance medical knowledge and support the families affected – something Illumination excels at. We are collectively helping pave the way for continued research for all genetic orphan diseases.

Proceeds from Illumination benefit efforts like Penn Medicine’s RVCL Research Center, led by Jonathan Miner, MD, PhD.  Dr. Miner and the incredible team at Penn Medicine partner with patients, physicians, and scientists from around the world to lead cutting-edge research toward a cure. 

Thank you to everyone who made this transformational gala possible. Your continued care is catapulting us toward finding a cure!  However, the efforts to create a lasting impact in rare disease communities and beyond aren’t limited to once a year. 

Stay up to date and educated on RVCL research year-round here.