Illumination 2022 Circus of Light was an incredible record-breaking gala for The Clayco Foundation! 

Through ticket purchases, sponsorships, and the generosity of various donors, we raised a record-breaking $1.1 million to help support the search for a cure for the rare genetic disease RVCL and to help pave the way for cures for all genetic orphan diseases.

What an amazing accomplishment that will continue to uplift those whose lives have been forever changed by rare genetic diseases.

Over 1,200 people gathered at Vertiport Chicago – dressed in their finest Halloween costumes – to celebrate with talented performers, explore artist installations, and even take helicopter rides around the city!

Thank you to Mayor Lightfoot and First Lady Amy Eshleman for their support and to our sponsors, food and beverage donors, and everyone who helped make this annual party a success.

I have learned that we cannot change past circumstances, but we do have the power to change the present and future – which is exactly what Illumination does for many people who need it.

Illumination will continue to cast a light on rare diseases and make a lasting impact in rare disease communities and beyond. 

Let’s break another record at the celebration next year!