Clayco always does outstanding work through our Construction Career Development Initiative (CCDI). CCDI positively impacts local communities in St. Louis, Chicago, and beyond by bringing diversity to the design and construction industry. The program focuses on student workforce development, soft-skill and career preparation, hands-on learning projects, and more. One of our main goals is to connect youth in underserved communities with career opportunities that range from professional trades to college degree programs. 

Mentorship and Making Connections

CCDI helps build connections and share resources to bridge the inequality gap in workforce development while promoting innovation in local neighborhoods. It is crucial to spread knowledge about the industry and encourage young adults to be lifelong learners to foster the next generation of transformation. CCDI gives students the skills and tools for success and assists with everything from teaching the basics to helping secure job placement. 

It is clear from the testimonials of our CCDI graduates that this program does a lot more than teach kids about construction. It sets up a pathway for them to break into the industry and start their own careers and endeavors. 

Graduates have benefited greatly from the connections they make and experience gained through internships that lead to employment — whether with Clayco or other industry leaders and companies. Overall, CCDI helps to teach, train, and employ the future innovators of tomorrow by giving them the tools to accomplish their dreams. 

Building Community Change

There isn’t just one aspect of construction and careers that CCDI covers, we make sure that our students understand and appreciate all of the inner and outer workings of our industry. The annual Build Our Future scholarship is awarded to top-qualifying high school seniors whose passion is to pursue a career in construction engineering, architecture and design, project management, informational technology, and trades-related sectors. This year, with the help of donations from all our partners, we are supporting these students with $135,000 in scholarships!

Future Industry Leaders

Change in our industry begins with our responsibility to step into our communities and reach out to students who may not otherwise have exposure to engineering, architecture, and construction. Clayco and CCDI have paired individuals with mentors, offered financial support, and created opportunities for future leaders. Since its founding in 2015, CCDI has had 75 program graduates trained and placed into full-time employment, and 70 high school students are in our program pipeline now. 


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