Clayco’s Construction Career Development Initiative has been helping bridge the inequality gap in workforce development since its inception in the aftermath of the 2015 Ferguson unrest. We have since aimed to foster the next generation of industry and community transformation by giving students the skills and tools for success by assisting with everything from teaching industry basics to securing job placement. Since the organization’s establishment, we have successfully placed 140 students into full-time roles with local companies!

The impact of CCDI has been witnessed and felt by underserved demographics and people across the nation, and it is incredible to have expanded our efforts from St. Louis to Chicago and Phoenix! We aim to continue the program’s growth to serve many more locations and people. Our Clayco team has done an excellent job extending our reach to instill our people-centric and inclusive values by creating customized programs that cater to each city’s unique needs.

At CCDI Phoenix, students from Phoenix Union Bioscience High School made their final visit to Skye on 6th last week, which they have had the opportunity to see come to life over the past two school years. During the last visit, six outstanding senior students who applied for the “Build Our Future” scholarship were surprised with $30,000 in college scholarships to continue their education in construction related majors! We collaborated with John McLinden of Hubbard Street Group to make these scholarships possible, and it was a great team effort to facilitate the monthly visits to the project site.

With CCDI growing its participation in other major cities, we can boost the number of young and diverse people in construction careers and promote innovation in local neighborhoods. It is crucial to share knowledge and resources to encourage young adults to be lifelong learners and foster evolutionary ventures and partnerships. CCDI is helping various people access the benefits of their local and economic resources and funnel their imagination and ideas into building sustainable dreams and communities. 

Our goal at CCDI is to expose students to construction careers to spark their interest and create the next generation of industry innovators. We are teaching the youth what physical labor is – with its benefits and downfalls – along with what jobs are available and how we can facilitate a long-term goal and path for their future in the industry. 

CCDI has proved its effectiveness and the inherent good it does in underserved regions and neighborhoods since its start. I can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve and become a nationwide symbol and foundation for change and opportunity for those who need it most.