Being raised in Bridgeton, Missouri, on the outskirts of St. Louis, I have always felt strongly connected to the St. Louis community. Since establishing Clayco, it has been one of our main focuses to give back to the neighborhoods where we operate and ensure that our positive impact extends beyond the walls of our structures and doesn’t end once a project is completed. To continually inspire innovation and bridge the gap between underserved demographics and the resources they require to succeed, our team supports various community-centered initiatives, including Counterpublic

Counterpublic is a civic exhibition that weaves contemporary art into the Life of St. Louis for a three-month display every three years, running this year from April 15 to July 15! The exhibition aims to reimagine civic infrastructures toward generational change with a vision to facilitate conversations on the role of contemporary art and become a beacon of creative thinking and community engagement. Our Clayco team works best with talent that shares a similar philosophy as we pursue “the Art & Science of Building.” This mantra drives our love for art and, like Counterpublic, allows for more inclusive platforms and spaces that expand social, political, and civic horizons.

The 2023 exhibit will consider St. Louis’ complex histories, charged present, and imagined future in one layered display. Counterpublic commissions artists, collectives, and community organizers to make and present works, keeping the theme local and relevant. The festival also includes active education, research, residencies, performances, publications, public projects, and more. 

If you are in the St. Louis area during the exhibition period, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with the community, past, present, and future, through transformative art and experiences.

Read more about Counterpublic’s 2023 exhibition here