Clayco is supporting the next round of students in the Architectural Engineering Scholarship program at Pennsylvania State University.

Sending warm congratulations to the outstanding Clayco Design-Build scholarship recipients – Raida Abdoellah, Nicholas Griffin, Joe Ricci, and Sophie Zheng! 

Student Paths

Raida is a fourth-year architectural engineering student in the structural option and a first-generation American-born Indonesian. Raida’s post-graduate plan includes working on projects related to historic preservation and retrofitting area of interest.

Nicholas is a first-generation college student in the final semester of school and is focusing on the structural option. Nicholas has held internships with construction, structural design, and engineering firms in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., which provided a variety of professional experiences.

Joe is a dedicated architectural engineering student who has been working hard to graduate and also put themselves through school financially. Joe plans to eventually move into lighting engineering or lighting design.

Sophie is a senior pursuing a major in architectural engineering and will be the first in their family to earn a college degree. This scholarship gave Sophie the aid they needed to fund educational expenses and maintain a high GPA while pursuing their engineering career.

Building Ahead

Investing in the well-being and future of today’s youth is growing increasingly important, and Clayco does this by assisting aspiring students with scholarships toward their dreams. The students who graduate through this program and beyond will influence the next era of builders, designers, and engineers.

I look forward to watching their continued success and working with them!