In building, everything starts from the ground up. 25 years ago, we started building diverse and inclusive practices into our company, while also shifting things in the industry. We were the first to introduce a diversity and inclusion program, and have continued to pave the way by breaking through the barriers of income, race, sexual orientation, and gender that are prevalent in the construction industry. 

Over the past 25 years, we have focused on developing and nurturing relationships, creating opportunities, and remaining accountable in all our operations when it comes to making sure people of color and women have equitable opportunities. We have done so through many initiatives over the years, including some of our most notable programs like CCDI, M/WBE mentorship, Clayco NOW, and our extensive community outreach. Another key area in which we focus on inclusion is in our subcontractor and partner relationships. 

Through our internal accountability practices, we have been made aware of issues as they come up, and 2020 has been an important year for taking even more action to improve Clayco and the industry. In doing so, we have opted to step up our game and create ClaycoRising — Clayco’s hub for all of our diversity and inclusion initiatives. ClaycoRising is not just another program, it is as foundational to how we do business as sales, strategy, or anything else. 

When I think about the legacy I want Clayco to have in the industry and the world, it is this. That together we would break down barriers and create meaningful opportunities for workers, women and minority-owned businesses, and entire communities. 

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