Within Our Walls

Construction Inclusion Week is the perfect time to acknowledge Clayco’s commitment to building awareness around the need to improve diversity and inclusion in the construction industry. Our team has committed to these initiatives through Clayco Rising and beyond, aiming to create meaningful change from the ground up and build equitable opportunities and relationships through our partners, minority youth mentorships, charitable foundation, community engagement, and so much more.

Clayco has always considered the communities in which we build as our own, which is why we create developments that provide enhancements, introduce sustainability practices that reduce waste, and support programs that give back to residents.

 Our Clayco Rising culture is focused on creating a sense of belonging for people from all walks of life. We promote this by focusing on women and minority resource groups that help improve employee engagement and connect people across our enterprise, such as Clayco NOW (Network of Women) and Clayco BRG (Black Resource Group). Workplace and supplier diversity is crucial for innovation, and we reach out to the communities where we work to establish strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with local subcontractors and geographically diversified firms. We at Clayco work to go above and beyond M/WBE goals and bring more diversity to the workforce.

Beyond Our Walls

 We also understand that to facilitate sustainable, lasting change, we cannot do it alone – which is why we ask our subcontractors and partners to take the Clayco P.L.E.D.G.E. (Passionate Leaders for Equity, Diversity & Gender Equality) to help lead the way toward a safer, more diverse, and equitable workplace. As leaders, we must also ensure that our programs achieve desired objectives through data analysis of measurable success metrics that track performance in diversity and inclusion with capacity-building opportunities.

The collaborative energy our team has built is a perfect example of the inclusivity and diversity we want to see throughout the construction industry. We will continue providing opportunities to create meaningful, effective, and enduring new environments, so everyone feels welcomed, valued, and safe on the job site or in the office.