It was great to be selected as a member of the Chicago Committee on Design. We recently had our inaugural meeting, and I’m glad that I was a part of it.

The Chicago Committee on Design is made up of 24 local leaders and urban design professionals hand selected by Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development to work with Commissioner Maurice Cox on important development projects and urban design initiatives. Its main purpose is to offer expertise, guidance, and suggestions for DPD as well as the members of the project’s development team, and meetings are also open to the public for feedback and testimony. The Committee will advise the city and developers about innovative, attractive, and cost-effective elements with members who are leading architects, artists, academics, and real estate professionals.

Some of the upcoming projects we’ll be looking at are planned developments that exceed 10 acres, 2.5 million square feet of space, or 2,500 residential units. The Committee will also be reviewing plans for high-rise buildings, projects that use city resources, and projects that are located in or next to some of Chicago’s beloved landmark districts.

For me, it’s a good way to help plan for the future of Chicago and ensure it’s a stronger and more equitable city for all its residents. It also is directly related to Clayco’s mantra to always go “Beyond Our Walls” and really make an impact on the communities we build in. The Committee will also be an important asset for project teams, since it’s made up of some of the best leaders across a wide range of disciplines who will offer up their own expertise on design, economic feasibility, social equity, and other issues.

It’s a real honor to be chosen for this influential committee, and I’m looking forward to making a profound impact on this city’s great design and built environments. Together with involvement from the city’s residents, we can continue to help provide higher quality and accessible design across the city for all residents to enjoy.

The Committee’s meetings will occur on the second Wednesday of every month, starting in August. You can read the agendas up to one week in advance at

For more information on the Chicago Committee on Design, read this feature in the Chicago Sun-Times.