Companies that don’t invest in the next generation never last long! That’s why we love celebrating National Intern Day at Clayco, to recognize and thank our hardworking interns for their various contributions. Our team works diligently to build a better future for our communities and foster a company culture that inspires innovation. We support the ambitions of young creatives and provide them with the resources and opportunities required to bring the most complex and dynamic projects to life. 

Interns provide a wellspring of new ideas, fresh insights, and the energy needed to keep things moving forward. At Clayco, we help interns implement and refine their skills and collaborate with some of the best builders in America to gain crucial real-world experience. Our team focuses on creating meaningful, effective, and enduring environments that hold space for people from all walks of life. 

We instill the value of the Art and Science of Building in every person that walks through our doors, especially our interns. The impact our operations have on people’s lives beyond the walls we erect is the most significant aspect of our jobs – and the most critical moral standpoint to teach the next era of builders, planners, and thinkers. As younger generations begin to take the reins as leaders, our job is to help prepare them as best as possible to overcome challenges and further societal progress. 

Interns form an integral part of the Clayco family, and I am continuously amazed at how talented, intelligent, and hardworking they are. I can’t wait to see how all these bright young minds change the world!

Learn more about our Clayco internship programs here.