Adventurer In Hope

We get to choose our priorities and how we spend our time.

Over the course of my life, my priorities have shifted immensely, and I now spend a large amount of my time focusing on the work that our foundation is doing, as well as being engaged in impactful community efforts.

I’ve created Bob Clark Beyond as a space where I share my thoughts, impressions, and the lessons I’ve learned; but also to share about the work we are doing and encourage others to “go beyond,” joining with me in creating impact beyond our own walls.

My Morning Routine

How we get our mornings started sets the tone for the rest of the day. There has always been a lot of interest in the benefits of establishing a morning routine by highly successful people. Successful leaders that I know share some common traits. Most insist on...

5 Steps To Harness The Power Of Conference Calls To Support Small Businesses

A number of large businesses have been helping small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses since the beginning of the pandemic. JP Morgan Chase donated $8 million to small businesses to help them avoid economic hardship during the pandemic. Arizona-based AvAir,...


January’s Featured Architect: Mario Botta

January’s Featured Architect: Mario Botta

Two architects that altered the way I think about design and buildings are Eero Saarinen and Mario Botta. Both have a striking shift in the paradigm of what buildings can do to change the very way we think about our everyday surroundings. Botta was born in Switzerland...

“Creating a winning way is about developing a culture of
community service and impact through purposeful action.”



Beyond Black History Month: Celebrating Black Artists Year-Round

We’ve entered a new year, and we have a new administration, yet the challenges that we face as Americans are as old as any of us can remember. Every February, we celebrate Black History Month and then feel like we have done our part in recognizing both the adversity...


My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

How we get our mornings started sets the tone for the rest of the day. There has always been a lot...

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